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*All prices are basic estimated will vary depending on hairstylists. 

*Feel free to text us.


* including wash +blow dry


Barber style  

Kid 5-11


starting at


starting at


starting at


starting at



* including wash +blow dry

Root Tint   

starting at


*single process

Full Hair 

starting at


*single process

Highlights/ Balayage

starting at


Partial Highlights

starting at


Bleach Touch-up

starting at


Bleach FullHair

price varies

Toner/ Gloss 

starting at



3-step deep conditioning

This professional 3-step treatment improve hair texture, leaving it silky- smooth and soft. Results  last up to about  5 weeks.


with another service
haircut, color or perm)


with shampoo and blow dry


Shampoo and blow dry 


+ iron work

+ $15



starting at


*including a haircut


starting at


Digital perm

starting at


Japanese Straight 

staring at


Keratin Treatment

Hair Botox 

$250 - 600

$250- 600


Structured  manicure

starting at

$ 90

You'll receive gel removal, nails, shaping, and an e-filedry detailed cuticle care. Your nails will also be straightened and you can choose a gel color and top coat. The service includes free edges/ tips/ side walls restoration, cracks fixing, and extension of. up to 3 missing nails.

A foreign set will cost an extra $10-20 for removal, but return set is included in the price. It is highly recommended not to remove gel on your own as it can damage your nails. Additionally, the one color set includes matching different gel colors.

Clean manicure  

starting at


You'll receive return gel removal, nail shaping, and an e-file

dry detailed cuticle care. You can also choose nail polishing or

clear regular nail polish. A foreign set will cost an extra $10-20.

Regular polish color +$10.

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